We are Elizabeth, Gela, Silke and Pascale
from Germany who are traveling since years.
We have been to many interesting places all over
the world, yet it seems that we found our 2nd home
at the back of beyond – in Cabuyao on Palawan…
There we run the >>> KAIBIGAN SOUL CAMP
and offer you >>> SLOW FOOD as well as
ideas for your free time >>> ACTIVITIES.

117palm trees

Our Idea.

Experience the moment, the natural tranquillity and adventurous activities, diverse impressions and perspectives. Listen to the sound of the sea, become acquainted with new cultures and people and enjoy delicious food and positive vibes during your much longed-for timeout.
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We cook slow food, with seasonal and regional ingredients. The Philippine cuisine is creatively supplemented with our own ideas and experience, as well as influence from Thailand and Europe. Hence you can enjoy individual, delicious meals with the typical "Kaibigan taste".
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The secluded location and the tranquillity of the fishing village, our do-it-yourself mentality and ingenious leisure activities contribute to making you relaxed, well-balanced and happy. All the accommodation has an unparalleled view of the sea, as well as a loving attention to detail. Eat. Stay. Love.
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Be inspired by the natural Cabuyao beach life, the richness of nature and an imaginative, creative and peaceful environment. We offer you peace of mind and equilibrium between the hill and the beach — away from Western civilisation and far from mobile phone reception, TV or Internet signals.
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My name is Elizabeth, I'm Filipina and I work as a professional photographer. I was born 1976 and after more than 30 years of living in Germany I move to my home country the Philippines to build and run the Kaibigan Soul Camp on my mothers ground.
I am Gela. I was born 1979 in Berlin. During the past years I worked as an Account Manager in an advertising agency in Hamburg. I love to dive in the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.
My name is Pascale and I worked as a General Manager in different hotels, restaurants and bars in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I will run the Kaibigan Soul Camp together with my wife Elli, Gela and Silke.
I'm Silke and I was born 1977 in East Germany. I worked in Hamburg as a teacher for young professional marketeers and have a dog named Charlotte. I love to travel - especially Southeast Asia and Europe - and visited over 25 countries.
Our undertaking would never have succeeded without the help of many friends. Their personal input on location, as well as their experience and suggestions, which we received during the planning and project development, were full of valuable information and advice. This energy can be felt everywhere and is one reason for the very positive vibe in the camp. Thanx a lot!