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Kaibigan Soul Camp Palawan

Our mission

Be inspired by the natural Philippine beach life, the richness of nature and an imaginative, creative and peaceful environment. Experience the moment, the natural tranquillity and adventurous activities, diverse impressions and perspectives. Listen to the sound of the sea, become acquainted with new cultures and people and enjoy delicious food and positive vibes during your much longed-for timeout.

Kaibigan Soul Camp offers you peace of mind and equilibrium between the hill and the beach — away from Western civilisation and far from mobile phone reception, TV or Internet signals and superfluous consumerism.
Kaibigan Soul Camp Palawan

On The Run

We strive to run the camp in a way that is ecological and sustainable. Recycling, upcycling, avoidance of waste, as well as environmental and water conservation are of high priority for us.

At the same time we would like to enrich our environment. We only work with regional suppliers and service providers.

In addition, jobs have been generated by the construction and the running of the camp, which offer people and families from the local neighbourhood prospects for the future.
Kaibigan Soul Camp Palawan

Eat. Stay. Love.

We — Elizabeth, Pascale, Gela and Silke — are from Germany and have travelled passionately throughout Asia for many years.

In 2014 we made the decision of running a resort and restaurant together here in Cabuyao. Two years later we are excited to announce the opening of our Kaibigan Soul Camp.

The secluded location and the tranquillity of the fishing village, our do-it-yourself mentality and ingenious leisure activities contribute to making you relaxed, well-balanced and happy.

Welcome to Kaibigan Soul Camp Palawan!

ps: As there are no mobile phone reception and internet signals in Cabuyao we will answer phone calls, short messages or emails as soon as possible. Two till three times a week we will go to Puerto Princesa Town to get in touch with our guests, families and friends.
About The Camp
Our Kaibigan Soul Camp is located in the Philippines on the west coast of Palawan Island as the only resort in the bay of Cabuyao, a small fishing village — completely undisturbed. The beach is wild and unspoilt and the shore is lined with papaya, cashew and mango trees.

GMS Coordinate: 9°41'40.5"N 118°25'11.0"E.

The camp grounds encompass a spacious area with over hundred palm trees. Our guests live in individually designed dwellings suited to different budgets and tastes — two beach villas, two open huts, three bamboo tents, one garden cottage as well as a five room guest house. All the accommodation has an unparalleled view of the sea, as well as a loving attention to detail.
Kaibigan Soul Camp Palawan

Soul Camper

People who come to Kaibigan Soul Camp are searching for real adventure, sustainable recreation and an original ambience.

Those who travel on their own feel just as comfortable with us as do families, friends and couples. Kids will love to be a "Soul Camper"!

Whether you like to make longer trips as a backpacker and with work and travel, or are simply taking a week's break from your professional life. Let go of your everyday life, focus on its essence and be very open towards the unknown.
Kaibigan Soul Camp Palawan


In Tagalog, the language of the Philippines, the word “Kaibigan” means "friendship" or "amorous liaison", depending on how it is pronounced.

Both translations reflect our relationship to foreign countries and cultures. The term also symbolises a sense of togetherness, which is very important to us. Our undertaking would never have succeeded without the help of many friends. Their personal input on location, as well as their experience and suggestions, were full of valuable information and advice. This energy can be felt everywhere and is one reason for the very positive vibe in the camp.
Kaibigan Soul Camp Palawan