International & domestic flights
Book your connecting flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa Town (> map).

There are also two small airlines to get from Cebu City to El Nido in the north of Palawan Island:

Alternatively take a boat from Manila or from Coron:
Manila Airport Terminal Transfer
There are different terminals in Manila for international and domestic flights, thats why you have to change the terminals.
We recommend you to have three hours between arrival and departure (immigration, baggage claim, terminal transfer, 1st security check, check in, 2nd security check, boarding).
For terminal transfer: Don't leave the airport to grab a taxi - take the free terminal bus shuttle inside of the airport. Watch out for the sign TRANSFER! More information: transfer guide.

There are sleeping facility and lounges inside terminal 1 (not recommendable) and terminal 3 (recommendable). If you only have a few hours to catch your connecting flight, it could be a good idea to sleep there.

Book Red Planet Hotel to stay overnight in Manila nearby the airport. Check in at White Knight Hotel if you like to spend more time in the capital.
Local bus to Kaibigan Soul Camp (map)
From Puerto Princesa Town on Palawan Island: Take the local bus (11 a.m.) or mini van (last chance 3.30 p.m.) at new market bus terminal to Napsan and tell the driver to jump off at Kaibigan Soul Camp in Cabuyao village.

The journey alone is an experience: A mix of country roads and off-roads, traveling through the beautiful jungle to the other side of the island (> map).

The local bus (80 Peso) will need 2,5 hours, the mini van (100 Peso) takes 1,5 hours to Cabuyao village. Your direction is Napsan. After Napsan comes Labtay village, then Cabuyao village.

San Jose Market bus terminal
Private Pick-Up Service or Rental Car
Just email us one week in advance of your arrival if you like a private pick-up from the airport or bus terminal in Puerto Princesa Town. In that case we will be at arrival area with your name on a signboard (2.500 Peso for 1 or 2 guests, 3.500 Peso for 3 or 4 guests).

Do you like to come to Kaibigan Soul Camp with a rental car and discover Palawan Island by your own? We recommend Rey Car Rental nearby the airport.

The road to our place is almost finished, you don't need a 4x4 or SUV, but it's easier. Only a short part of 4 km is off road, during rainy season it's still difficult to pass.

Please drive slowly and don't drive after dark, because it's curvaceous and there are no streetlights and traffic road signs!